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T804 - Finite element analysis: basic principles
and applications

What is T804 about?

Engineering is at the heart of modern life and engineers now use computers and software in the design and manufacture of most of the products, processes and systems that make up our lifestyles. T804 is a 30-credit postgraduate module that introduces a computational modelling and analysis technique known as Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Topics covered are basic theory, modelling, meshing, and analysing component models for stresses, deflections, temperatures and vibrations under operating conditions and loads. The module includes many examples of good practice for the safe and effective application of the method.

The module will require approximately 300 hours of study time which includes time for working through the learning material, using real FEA software code, reflecting on the learning and completing assignments. Students are assigned a tutor to support them through the module, and a module forum is provided so that problems and thoughts can be discussed online with other T804 students.

Self-evaluation test

There are no formal prior study requirements for T804. The recommended level of knowledge to study T804 is second and third year undergraduate mechanical engineering including mechanics, dynamics, heat transfer and materials, and second year undergraduate mathematics (especially calculus and matrix algebra). If you have not studied with The Open University before, we advise that you have a sound knowledge of degree level engineering, physics or mathematics to avoid overloading yourself. If you are considering studying this module, please take the self-evaluation test which may help identify potential areas for revision prior to embarking on T804.

FEA model image